Have you ever done a word of the year? I feel like most people are familiar with this concept. Some choose a word out of motivation, representation or in my case an action granted by my Heavenly Father, aka my main man JESUS (haha)! The word he placed on my heart for this year is

R E D E M P T I O N. 

A word that can be defined as an action of saving..recovery, reclamation and return. This year I turned 26 but felt God's desire to celebrate my 24th year of life. A year God led me through the wilderness. His whole purpose for drawing us out is to draw us in and that is exactly what he did. For any brokenness we experience in this life is a agent for change, it should not be a place we sit in but a place we advance forward in growth. Let me emphasize that this is NOT a re-do 24th year, I see now that I needed that year to be broken in order to become more like an imitator of Christ. This "24th" year will be a year of continually giving more and more of my heart to the Lord. He's on a mission through my heart and a mission to make all things new in this life! The video below is just the beginning of a new adventure of redeeming love + one I invite you to share with me. 

I treasure and value friendship on such a deep level and man did my sweet sweet friends bless me with the best gift for my birthday - shared time together..representing Jesus' character of JOY, FREEDOM, STRENGTH, PEACE, LOVE and LOYALTY. Thank you and enjoy.